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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Existing noninferential, formatted data systems provide users with tree-structured files or slightly more general network models of the data... --EF Codd

I've skipped over discussions of data theory -- but there are a couple principles of data theory that are important.  And, since I'm not a DB guru, correct me as we go.  I find errors with previous projects all the time.

E.F. Codd, mathamatician, introduced normalization in 1970.  Normalization has a lot of interesting theoretical underpinnings, but, lest I lose the plot, in our frame of reference it's just a way to organize data to make corruption unlikely.  Here are two readable, more recent docs:
http://www.troubleshooters.com/littstip/ltnorm.html (wish I'd followed Litt's "Additional normalization tips" first time 'round!  Next entry.)

We could go into 3NF, or BCNF (aka 3.5NF, or Heath normal form), but ...  you, in the back!  Wake up...

Data integrity is why we're doing this - set 3NF as a goal.  The only thing a database does FOR you is say "no" a lot -- like a good parent it sets the rules. And those guidelines should keep you from reporting an 8260 as an 8260B; from reporting a 2009 water elevation as a depth below an outdated 1993 measuring point elevation; stuff like that.  Okay, silly example time.

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