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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Automated PDF creation

Recently had a set of Excel charts (hydrographs) to print to one PDF, found it more challenging than I thought.

I had exported a water elevation query (~8,500 records) to Excel that looked like this:

...then macro'd new charts based on changes in row data, and - like magic - created 60+ line scatterplots.  Whee!  Thinking back, I'd do this differently next time.  But "it's consulting" so it's time to keep the head down and finish the job...

This is where I learned that selecting simply trying to print the entire workbook to PDF creates, unfortunately, as separate PDFs as you had charts!  (Not to mention the data.)  Sigh.

Enter google and this article: Using VBA for Excel and PDFCreator to print multiple pages to ONE pdf.

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